I Am Home

April 2014


A warming sunrise, truly a beautiful sight

I love the way my hair flows in the wind

I love the breeze that rides over my shoulders

I love the sound of the ocean waves

I am home.


In the yard, a celebration of family

Here I dance

Here I sing

Here I smile

I am home.


The day comes where I leave and take my own path

The days are long

The people all around me are strangers

I don’t feel at peace

I am not home.


I walk down the street, and nobody smiles

The streets are empty

There is no sound

I can only see obscure shadows

I am not home.


I start to struggle, with life’s difficulties passing me by

Unsure of how I will overcome them alone

The sky grows darker, and darker, and darker

The ground below me begins to split apart

I am not home.


As I tread along, decisions become harder

When no one is by my side, I fail

I fall into a routine

One that is colorless and mundane

I am not home.

Seeing the reality, I turn my path back around

I’m back where I came from

I feel warmth

I feel comfort

I am home again.

I can now face whatever may come

Everything seems to be normal again

I feel warmth

I feel comfort

I am home again.


There comes a day when Igrow up

And come to picture my journies

But all I paint is a family

My family

I am home again.


The light reaches my face

Everyone around me is smiling

Proud of what I have achieved

There is no greater happiness

I am home again.


We all gather around

Explicating my life’s journey

During darkness and during despair

And during happiness and love

I will always be home.