Mothers Are Forever

February, 2015

A mother is someone who guides you your whole life. The moment she brings you into the world, she will hold you and at that moment, you become her whole world. Every decision, thought, wish — is all about you. She will cry when she watches you get on the school bus for the first time, sending you off to your first day of kindergarten. She will protect you from the evils of the world, to make sure that you only know the good parts of this world. She will lay in your bed with you in the midst of the night when you are heartbroken, and let you cry endlessly in her strong arms. When your self-esteem is at it’s lowest, she will be there to tell you how beautiful you are and that no one can amount to you. When you are ready to give up, she will push you to make sure that you don’t. When it’s time for you to become a mother, she’ll be there with you and be the best grandmother anyone could have. Once you become a mother, you will finally understand the depth of your mother’s feelings. She’s always right. Even though you are now a mother, too, she won’t stop giving you her best and her all until her dying day. Mothers are forever.


Dedicated to my loving mother.