Sept 2014


Truth is in nature.

The vibrant colors surrounding me,

The swaying of the trees,

The cold breeze swiftly touching my cheeks.

I not only can see nature, I can feel it

And its presence.

The realness of its beauty is breathtaking.


Truth is in friendship.

A love that is unconditional,

With no secrets or hidden truths.

The way that honesty can shape a friendship,

Makes truth a wonderful asset.


Truth can sometimes hurt.

It’s not always what we expect,

Or what we want most.

Sometimes it’s a surprise,

And sometimes we can feel it coming.


Truth can sometimes heal.

Giving us relief, assurance and guidance.

We can have a peace of mind.


Truth is strength,

Truth is power,

Truth is love.

Truth is kind,

Truth is real,

Truth is fulfilling.

Truth is a beautiful part of human nature.